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Tree Care

Like the rest of your home or property, trees should be well maintained so they continue to be a natural and positive aesthetic to your landscape. For your convenience, we have provided the following tips to help you maintain proper tree health.

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Borer Insects

Borer insects are one of the most destructive wood-boring pests that reside in trees and shrubs. They tunnel and feed under the bark, which blocks water intake and sap-conducting tissues. Our best recommendation to defend against Borer insects is to keep your trees from stress. This can be done by minimizing soil compaction, not over-watering, and keeping a light layer of mulch around the root zone of the tree.

Sycamore Anthracnose

The fungal disease Sycamore Anthracnose can cause defoliation, twig dieback and tree deformity. Symptoms of the disease can be noticed by the dieback of the upper canopy. The most severe infections occur during our long, wet spring seasons. One of the best things you can do to limit the infection is keep leaves and fallen twigs cleaned up and removed from the area.

Sun scald

Sun scald is the permanent, visible damage that occurs when tree bark has been exposed to extremely low temperatures, followed by immediate high temperature. The stress of the tree causes the bark to crack and expose the deep interior. Borer insects can then infiltrate through these cracks and would cause permanent damage. Painting the tree trunk with white latex paint or placing a sun shield around the trunk to improve air circulation can help prevent sun scald damage.

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